The Brighton Montessori curriculum emphasizes the traditional Montessori Early Childhood Curriculum while also providing other exciting educational opportunities through its related Foreign Language, Art, and Music Enrichment Programs. Our Montessori Curriculum and related Enrichment Programs are more fully summarized below. Since all of our programs are academic based programs, it is important to create an atmosphere of stability for the students and staff. For this reason, all of our programs are five days a week, offering full or half day availability.


The Montessori Early Childhood Curriculum is based on the guidelines of the American Montessori Society. Students learn by progressing at an individual rate while being encouraged to increase self-motivation.


Children move themselves toward learning by using developmentally appropriate materials. The teacher prepares the environment, functions as the authority, and offers varying stimuli depending upon needs of the particular child. The collaborative environment of the Montessori classroom provides order and encourages the child to develop according to his/her own capabilities and pace. The child thus learns and is motivated through his “work”. The following basic curriculum areas provide this instructional framework.

The Practical Life/Everyday Living Area


This area provides the child with the opportunity to explore activities which develop a sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Pouring, sorting, washing, polishing, personal care, and food preparation are included. It is within this curriculum area that the foundation is laid for successful transition into working with the more advanced materials in the classroom.



Sensorial acquaints the child with pre-math materials and concepts. The child manipulates equipment which sharpens the senses and encourages understanding of the many sensory impressions received through them. Sensorial materials isolate particular defining qualities such as weight, shape, texture, sound, etc. This area of the curriculum helps the child to distinguish, categorize, and relate new information to what already has been comprehended.



The math area offers the use of concrete materials which allow for easier assimilation of the many facts and skills utilized in this area of study. The child is introduced to simple numeration, linear counting, the concept of “teens”, the decimal system, squaring, and cubing. Later, by combining counting and working with the mathematical materials, the child is exposed to the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Through the repeated use of these materials, discovery unfolds and the child is aided in formulating mathematical impressions.



The language area provides a multi-sensory approach to learning the complex processes of reading and writing. Much attention is given to development of the pre-writing and pre-reading skills. Emphasis is placed on the development of the hand to prepare for writing as well as on the visual and auditory discrimination basic to the reading process. Within this curriculum area, the phonetic sound of the letters is emphasize through a sensorial system basic to accomplishing the task of reading. Pre-reading and reading are encouraged. Creative writing is also introduced through story dictation.

Geography and Science

This area of the classroom introduces the child to the surrounding world. The continents and foreign cultures are introduced and explored. Basic scientific principles and simple scientific concepts also are presented on a developmentally appropriate level exploring botany and zoology.



The art area of the classroom encourages creativity and the development of fine muscle coordination through cutting, push pinning, gluing, painting, etc. It also offers the child an opportunity to explore a variety of creative media.

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